A Grant of Probate is required if a deceased person owned property or assets.  It’s generally considered that if everything the deceased person owned is worth less than £15,000 then Probate won’t be needed, but some financial institution have their own limit that determines whether or not Probate is needed. This can be as little of £5,000 in some cases.

When a loved one has died,  it is a stressful time for those left behind and gathering in the assets and dealing with the administration of a death can be distressing and complicated.  Shares, bank accounts, Premium Bonds, property and other assets of the estate need to be collated and valued and any Inheritance Tax calculated and paid.  We are mindful that this can be a very difficult time for our Clients and we are able to assist by handling all or part of this process.

If there is a Will,  then this will appoint the Executors of the estate who will be responsible for obtaining the Grant of Probate and distributing the estate.  If there is no Will,  then the deceased dies intestate and Personal Representatives need to be agreed and Letters of Administration are taken out in their names.  Both will require application to the Probate Registry for the Grant before the estate can be distributed to the beneficiaries and property sold.  .

Every year, we always handle cases concerning different aspects of probate from rendering help in the administration of straightforward estates and  handling of intestacy right to the provision of legal consultation in a moment of conflicts.

Sometimes the Will is unclear or disputed and we can assist with these matters also.  Our objective is to minimise the stress on the family with our expertise.

Our costs in these matter are competitive and charged on a time spent basis as every case is different but be assured we will only charge for work done.

Please contact our Probate department for further details.


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