Fixed-Fee Divorce

Bendall & Sons offer a fixed fee divorce service.

The cost of our fixed fee divorce service depends on whether you are:

  1. The Petitioner (the person initiating proceedings)
  2. The Respondent (the person who has received notice of the divorce)


Our fixed fee is £600 + Vat (£720.00). In addition there will be a petition court fee to pay of £593 (depending on your financial circumstances).

It may be possible to recover some or all of the costs back from your spouse.

We usually ask that clients pay their fixed fee upfront yet appreciate that some clients would find this difficult and so are always willing to explore instalment options where needed. We believe that it is helpful for our clients to know at the outset what the divorce process will cost and when they will need to make the payments.

Our fixed fee divorce includes all steps from initial instruction through to obtaining the Decree Absolute, which finalises the divorce.

Benefits of our Service

  • Peace of mind that you will receive a professional service at a fixed fee price.
  • You will be able to speak to an experienced family lawyer throughout the legal process.

What work is covered?

We cover:

  • The preparation and issue of the Divorce Petition,
  • Preparation of all documents needed to progress the divorce,
  • Obtaining the Decree Absolute in an undefended divorce.
  • Corresponding with the Court and your spouse on your behalf in relation to the divorce application.

What work is not covered?

  • Any work required if the divorce is defended.
  • Any work required if the divorce petition needs to be amended following it being issued by the Court.
  • Process Server fee if the paperwork needs to be personally served on your spouse.
  • Fee for obtaining copy marriage certificate.
  • Fee for translation of marriage certificate in a foreign language.
  • Advice in respect of detailed arrangements concerning finance or children.

These services can be provided, if needed, but are not included within the fixed fee above.


We do not offer a fixed fee for divorce were we represent a respondent. This is generally because there tends to be less to do and we charge on a time-spent basis at the rate of £240 + Vat per hour.

Please note

Fees indicated on this page relate purely to the divorce process itself. Any additional work to assist with resolution of finances or children related issues will also be outside the fixed fee.  We would provide full cost estimates before commencing any work for you.

Legal Aid

Please also note that from April 2013 the scope of Legal Aid no longer includes Divorce unless there is domestic violence involved. If you believe that you may be eligible for Legal Aid, please discuss this with us when arranging your initial meeting.

Arranging the initial meeting

To arrange an appointment call us and speak with our family team.

It is helpful if you could bring along to that meeting:

  1. Your marriage certificate;
  2. Two forms of identification, including one photographic form of ID.


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