A Lasting Power of Attorney (LPA) is a document that appoints others to take care of your affairs in the event that you are unable to do so, whether through illness, accident or disability.  They tend to be associated with old age but these things can happen at any age and it is comforting to know who will be making decisions for you.   LPA’s only come into effect if you lose capacity to make decisions for yourself.

If no LPA is in place,  then application to the Court of Protection has to be made to appoint a Deputy, who may not necessarily be someone of your choice.  This is expensive and protracted process and,  in the meanwhile,  no dealing of any kind can take place with your affairs effectively ‘frozen’.  This can cause real hardship for dependants in paying bills and making decisions for the welfare of both you and your family.

There are two kinds of Lasting Powers of Attorney and you can have both or just one as you feel appropriate:

  1. Property and Affairs LPA – this enables you to select a trusted individual to make decisions on your behalf in areas such as finance and property affairs.
  2. Health and Welfare LPA – this enables you to choose a reliable person to decide on matters concerning your welfare and  healthcare. The individual will also have a say in matters concerning rejecting or accepting treatment for you.



You can have more than one Attorney and they can be appointed to act jointly or severally (only one can act without the others).

We recommend that it is prudent for senior citizens to have an LPA so that the family have certainty of your wishes should your health deteriorate, and even younger people can have accidents or medical emergencies which affect the family.

We are able to guide you through the process and advise to make sure that you are suitably protected.

For a single person we charge £350.00 + VAT for one Lasting Power, or £550.00 + VAT for both types of Lasting Powers.

For a couple we charge £550.00 + VAT for you both to have one type of Lasting Power, or £750.00 + VAT for you both to have both types of Lasting Powers

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