Whiplash bill hides abuse of workers’ rights, unions say

Union leaders write to the Guardian to say they will be resisting Government efforts to limit the legal fees people can claim for small injuries suffered at work. They say the civil liability bill is using attempts to curb whiplash claims as a smokescreen for denying workers’ access to justice. By statutory instrument, the Government plans to introduce a doubling of the small claims limit, below which injured people don’t get their legal fees paid. Up to 40% of those injured at work will lose their rights, the union heads say. Increasing the small claims limit to £2,000 would mean that workers suffering injuries that include a collapsed lung, a fractured wrist or elbow and loss of front teeth, are denied access to justice. Thousands of workers will be “expected to take on well-funded insurers on their own.”

The Guardian, Page: 8

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