Click and complete your ID1 or ID2 Form online

You can complete your ID1 or ID2  form online by clicking and completing from the dropdown menu. If you have instructed we will be in contact with you as soon as possible. If you have not yet instructed us, then please call us on 01638 712253 (Mildenhall office) or 01638 661116 (Newmarket office) so we can take the appropriate details from you

ID1 or ID2 Form Verified by a Solicitor firm

Bendall and Sons is a regulated Solicitor firm in England and Wales. We can verify your ID1 or ID2 via Video call quickly – sometimes on the same day. We can use the new  ID5 form during COVID restrictions

Frequently Asked Questions

What is an ID1 Form?

An ID1 form is the document used by Solicitors and government bodies like the Land Registry, to prove the identity of individuals. It is most often used during property transactions to protect against identity fraud

The form requires specific information about you, your historic addresses and the transaction that the ID1 or ID2 is needed for. It will also ask you to provide very specific types of documents which are permitted to be used as proof of ID

Examples of when an ID1 or ID2 form might be needed include:

  • Transfers (whether or not for value)
  • Transfers and deeds relating to the appointment or retirement of trustees
  • Leases (whether or not for value) that are being registered
  • Charges (Mortgages) that are being registered
  • Discharge of a Charge in form DS1
  • Release of a Charge in form DS3
  • Surrenders of Leases
  • Most voluntary and compulsory applications for first registration where the title deeds have been lost or destroyed
  • All other applications for compulsory first registration completed on and after 10 November 2008


Before your ID1 or ID2 will be accepted by the Land Registry, for example, it will need to be verified by a Solicitor/Licensed Conveyancer who will also need to check the documents and briefly meet you to verify you are who you say you are

To complete your ID1 or ID2 form, please fill in the details requested in the dropdown menu as accurately as possible. You will also need to upload the documentary proof of your ID detailed in the form, which you can do by taking a clear screenshot or photograph of the document on your phone or uploading a copy from your device in the normal way.

Once we have all of the details from you and have checked your documents, we will arrange a quick video call between you and one of our Solicitors/Licensed Conveyancers to check you are the person to whom the ID documents relate. We will need to take a screenshot of you, during the video call, as required

The cost of an online ID1 or ID2 and ID5 Form is a fixed fee of £125 plus VAT

Can you verify an ID1 or ID2 via video call?

Yes we can, using the new ID5 procedure from the Land Registry. The process is:

  1. You complete this ID1 or ID2 Form online. There is no need to send us a hard copy ID1 or ID2 Form, original documents or a passport sized photo
  2. You scan to us a copy of your passport or a UK photo driving licence. Scan can be scanned by printer or a photo from your phone
  3. A video call is arranged with our firm
  4. Completed ID1 or ID2 and ID5 (used for video verification) form are posted to you. We can email copies to you as well, if required

Do you need to send a passport photo?

If we are verifying your ID by video call, then you do not need a passport sized photo because the Solicitor/Licensed Conveyancer will complete an ID5 to confirm the ID1 or ID2 was verified via video call