Social media firms to remove posts which could collapse trials

Solicitor General Robert Buckland has announced that Facebook, Twitter and Google have agreed to a rapid “takedown” system to remove posts if they are in contempt of court, saying the move will help protect the “integrity” of jury trials. He said the social media firms have backed a special point of contact procedure, saying: “There will be a named person in each organisation who my officials can contact to deal speedily with issues of contempt of court where takedown is what needs to happen.” Mr Buckland is also issuing new advice to jurors making clear that it is a criminal offence for them to conduct online searches about their case. With the Ministry of Justice launching new contempt of court guidance, Mr Buckland commented: “Social media users must think before they post – the rules are the same as those for traditional media, and being found in contempt of court could result in a fine or up to two years in prison.”

The Daily Telegraph, Page: 11 The Times, Page: 6


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