Meal ticket for life attempt backfires

A High Court Judge has backed an appeal by the Financial Director of TUI travel, William Waggott, to have maintenance payments to his wife cut following their divorce. Mr Waggott was ordered to pay wife Kim £9.76m and £175,000 in annual maintenance payments for the rest of her life. Mr Waggott appealed arguing the 2014 ruling meant his wife had “no financial incentive” to get back to work and stop living off him. Mrs Waggott, also a successful accountant, had demanded that payments increase by £23,000 a year. Lord Justice Moylan, at London’s Appeal Court, rejected this. He went on to order the original £175,000 payments to cease after three years. He added that Mrs Waggott will not suffer “undue hardship” and can get a job if she needs more money.

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Posted 12/04/2018