Increase in child access disputes fuelled by fathers

New analysis shows that fathers are increasingly seeking access to their children, leading to a rise in court disputes over their rights to participate in the care of their children. Sir Andrew McFarlane, incoming president of the High Court family division, described the volume of cases as “wholly untenable”, while also warning about parents seeking a private order, which have to be dealt with “by the same cohort of judges who are coping with the increased public law workload”. Family solicitor Sarah Wood-Heath, of Wilsons, which analysed the figures, commented: “More disputes over access to children is something of an unexpected side-effect of the trend towards more men taking responsibility for the care of their children. With many fathers feeling they should be playing an important role in the upbringing of their children, we are seeing more cases go to court.”

The Times, Page: 14

Posted 25/06/2018