Gove’s environment plan rejected by campaigners

Plans outlined by the government for a new post-Brexit environmental watchdog have been criticised by campaigners, with Tony Juniper, advocacy director of the WWF, noting that the proposal needed “stronger jaws and bigger teeth”, urging targets on air, water, plastics and soil quality to be included in legislation. The RSPB and the Green party agreed, the latter describing the news as “lacklustre”, continuing: “It’s a clear sign that this government’s warm words on the environment are little more than spin.” Shaun Spiers, chairman of Greener UK, a coalition of 13 environmental groups, said the plans contained no commitment to giving the watchdog power to initiate legal action or to enshrine in law EU principles such as “the polluter pays”. Mr Spiers added: “This is hugely disappointing and suggests that some ministers do not want to be held to account on laws that protect our beaches, habitats and air quality.”

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Posted 11/05/2018