Firms accused of denying paid holidays to staff

Citizens Advice has claimed that hundreds of thousands of people are missing out on the 28 days’ paid holiday to which all full-time workers are entitled. The charity said that some employers mistakenly, and illegally, told staff that they were not entitled to any paid holidays because they were on zero-hours contracts or could only have fewer days than they were due. It also found some firms had made paid holiday conditional on meeting targets, and had refused requests for paid leave by citing “business needs.” The most common example was treating people as self-employed when they were in effect a full-time employee, which Citizens Advice said could affect up to 460,000 workers. The charity wants the government to redefine self-employment in law and for employment tribunal fees to be reduced to £50 from their present range of £390 to £1,200.

The Times, Page: 9

Posted 08/05/2017