Directors to be fined for nuisance calls

The Government is to change the law so directors of companies that make nuisance calls to consumers can be fined up to £500,000. Until now only the companies have been liable for fines, allowing unscrupulous directors to escape penalties by closing their business, only to reopen it under a different name. Elizabeth Denham, the information commissioner, said: “We are inundated with complaints from people who are left shaken and distressed by the intrusion on their daily lives. Making directors responsible will stop them ducking away from fines by putting their company into liquidation. It will stop them leaving by the back door as the regulator comes through the front door.” Matthew Hancock, the digital policy minister, said: “We will not stand for this continued harassment and this latest amendment to the law will strike another blow to those businesses and company bosses responsible.”

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Posted 23/10/2016