Deliveroo rewording gig-economy

Managers at Deliveroo have been given a six-page document outlining how they should refer to couriers in a move seen by some as an attempt to fend off claims that they are employees. The guidance says couriers should be called “independent suppliers” rather than workers and senior staff should not refer to payslips or shifts, rather “invoices” and “availability”. The move comes as 20 riders for the company plan legal action over employment rights claiming they are employees and not, as the company argues, self-employed contractors. Leigh Day says it has a total of 200 Deliveroo riders lined up to take similar action. Meanwhile, the Work and Pensions Committee has ruled that Deliveroo, Uber and Amazon have been getting gig economy workers to sign “unintelligible” contracts that seem designed to stop them asserting their rights. Deliveroo asked workers to sign a contract promising never to go to court to dispute their self-employed status and accepting that if they did, the company would deduct any legal expenses incurred from compensation payouts.

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Posted 06/04/2017