Charities battle man over £340,000 will

The Dogs Trust is one of four charities claiming a will that cut them out of a woman’s £340,000 estate is invalid. Tracey Leaning left the charities her assets in her will in 2007 but wrote a new one in 2015, leaving everything to her partner, Richard Guest. That will, which was handwritten and witnessed by a neighbour, was on the understanding that Mr Guest stayed at the house and gave her dogs a home. Wilsons Solicitors, acting on behalf of the charities, said: “Our solicitor is liaising with the other involved parties to ensure that Miss Leaning’s estate is administered in accordance with her last valid will.”

The lesson to take from this is that home made wills can be open to dispute;  it is safer to seek advice from a qualified solicitor before drawing up or amending a will.

The Daily Telegraph, Page: 7

Posted 21/08/2017