Several papers pick up on a report from Which? showing six out of 10 Britons have not made a will, leaving millions at risk of dying intestate. Of those who didn’t make a will, 38% said that they had nothing worth inheriting, 20% said that writing a will had not occurred to them, and 16% said that they had been too busy. More people in England had made a will than in other regions – 42% compared with 35% in Wales and 31% in Scotland – with the highest levels in the southwest and the lowest in London.

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Posted 23/06/2018


The Resolution Foundation believes inheritance tax should be scrapped and replaced by a system that spreads the money more fairly between the generations and is harder to avoid. The think-tank has proposed replacing IHT with a lifetime receipts tax that would raise more for the state and would encourage families to pass their wealth to younger members. Under the proposal, each beneficiary would have a £125,000 inheritance allowance, above which they pay 20% up to £500,000 and 30% beyond that. Resolution estimates that the new tax would deter avoidance and raise £11bn a year in 2021, compared with £6bn under the present system.

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Posted 02/05/2018


A carer has been left with an £85,000 legal bill after a judge ruled she had “guided the hand” of a millionaire on his deathbed to sign over almost half of his £1m estate to her family. Judge Nigel Price said that he had “no hesitation” in ruling that Marcel Chu’s will was invalid.

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Posted 01/05/2018

The Telegraph explains how a couple could add almost £100,000 to their child or grandchild’s pension and reduce any potential IHT bill by utilising their annual gift allowance. Data published by Prudential said if a couple were to gift £3,000 each into their child’s pension every year for a decade, the amount added to the pension would be valued at £97,051, with a potential IHT saving of £24,000.

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Posted 19/04/2018



A judge has overturned the will of millionaire Wynford Hodge who had left nothing to his partner of 42 years, Joan Thompson, instead leaving his £1.5m fortune to two tenants living in his caravan park. Mr Hodge was adamant that he did not want Joan or her four children to inherit any of his fortune, a letter attached to his will indicated, believing she was “financially comfortable”. The judge said this was an error and awarded her a cottage on the estate worth £225,000 plus £190,000 in cash.

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Posted 10/04/2018

Family solicitors say accessing and dealing with someone’s digital legacy is becoming as great a concern as how to divide up their house and bank accounts. They are increasingly drawing up “digital wills”, including a side letter recording passwords and passcodes to devices such as iPads. Solicitors are also urging clients to back up important data on cloud storage that can be accessed by family members after their death. “While most digital assets are not of monetary or financial value they can be of sentimental value and a comfort to your next of kin after your death,” says Ian Bond, the chairman of the Law Society’s wills and equity committee, who has been drawing up guidance for solicitors on how they should deal with digital legacies. The importance of planning ahead is highlighted by reports that some bereaved families have asked undertakers to use a corpse’s fingers to activate identity se nsors on smartphones and tablets.

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Posted 24/03/2018


Lawyers have warned that families are disinheriting children by wrongly completing ‘Do It Yourself’ Wills. The kits have led to a rise in people preventing family members from being a beneficiary of their will by asking them to be a witness to their signature, ruling them out of receiving anything in the estate. Nicola Waldman, of Hodge Jones & Allen, said: “It is often a result of people trying to complete wills themselves, not understanding the small print.”

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Posted 14/03/2018



Sir Ken Dodd, who was famously cleared of false accounting in the 1980s, has prevented the taxman from getting a penny from his estate by getting married two days before he died. The size of the Sir Ken’s estate was estimated recently at £7m, which could have meant a £3m IHT bill had he not married Anne Jones last week. Tasnim Khalid, head of wills, trusts and estate planning at JMW Solicitors, said: “Leaving an estate to a legally married spouse rather than a partner or cohabitee has huge tax advantages.”

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Posted 13/03/2018


The Sunday Times warns that a rise in the number of divorces, remarriages and couples cohabiting – combined with a general apathy towards dealing with pensions – means many people could inadvertently be handing valuable benefits to former partners when they pass away. Figures released today reveal that more than 750,000 savers are at risk of leaving their pension to the wrong person, such as a former boyfriend or an ex-wife, because they have failed to update important paperwork after they split up.

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Posted 25/02/2018


Tax specialists have warned that middle-class families could end up losing more of their estates to death duties after Philip Hammond ordered a review of the entire IHT system. NFU Mutual’s Sean McCann said: “This could quite easily be a money-making opportunity for the Chancellor, especially if he looked at some of the inheritance tax reliefs which are currently quite generous. It could end up being quite lucrative.”

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Posted 01/02/2018