Aman Johal, the director of Your Lawyers, writes in a letter to City AM that, following Volkswagen’s admission to German prosecutors that 1.2m vehicles in the UK contain defeat devices that are illegal under British and European law, courts in England and Wales should now address the question of not to whether VW should pay compensation to affected owners, but how much.

City AM, Page: 14

Posted 19/06/2018

Police dogs and horses are set to get more protection from attacks after Government backing for a private members bill. The legislation, coupled with a maximum five-year term for animal cruelty, has won the support of Environment Secretary Michael Gove.

Daily Express, Page: 10 The Times, Page: 9 The Sun, Page: 2 The Daily Telegraph, Page: 2

Posted 15/04/2018


Pimlico Plumbers has lost a legal battle in the Supreme Court over workers’ rights. The company was told that Gary Smith, a plumber who had been with the company for six years, was entitled to benefits such as holiday and sick pay, despite having been VAT-registered and paying self-employment taxes. The ruling means that an employment tribunal can now examine Mr Smith’s action against Pimlico as a worker, including a claim that he was unfairly dismissed. TUC General Secretary Frances O’Grady said the case had exposed “how widely sham self-employment has spread”, and called on the government to crack down on the practice.

BBC News The Daily Telegraph, Business, Page: 3 Financial Times, Page: 2 The Times, Page: 6 Daily Express, Page: 2 The Independent, Page: 64 The Guardian, Page: 5 Daily Mail, Page: 38 City AM, Page: 7

Posted 14/06/2018


A study by Which? has found some homeowners are being charged up to £60 to install a doorbell and £250 to own a pet as freeholders exploit contracts sold by British housebuilders. The consumer group also discovered that some people who bought leasehold homes from Taylor Wimpey were not properly advised by the developer’s recommended conveyancing solicitors.

The Times, Page: 8

Posted 14/06/2018



MPs have called for urgent reform of the UK’s cannabis laws after a boy had his first epileptic seizure in 300 days because the government had ordered his doctor to stop prescribing him cannabis oil. Medicine for Charlotte Caldwell’s son Billy, 12, was confiscated by customs agents at Heathrow on Monday. Crispin Blunt, co-chair of the all-parliamentary group on drug policy reform, said: “A simple statutory instrument in Parliament will allow families out of the current absurd position of having to either expatriate themselves, or obtain cannabis illegally and face a prison sentence for caring for their own.”

The Guardian, Page: 13   The Times   Daily Mirror, Page: 21

Posted 13/06/2018


Labour MP Jess Phillips, who received 600 rape threats in one night from internet trolls, has called for an end to online anonymity and said she did not see why Twitter and Facebook could not be sued when people use them to spread lies. While she said the threats she received were “water off a duck’s back”, she said the abuse MPs receive “affects our democracy” as it “changes how Members of Parliament react”.

The Daily Telegraph

Posted 13/06/2018

The Guardian reports that highly skilled migrants are still being taken to court under threat of deportation from the UK for making minor and legal amendments to their taxes, despite a government promise that cases would be halted. Among the cases which the Guardian claims are still ongoing are those of two brothers who came to the UK from Pakistan in 2006 and who have been told to immediately leave the country because they owed HMRC £1.60 and £1.20 respectively.

The Guardian, Page: 17

Posted 12/06/2018


A refund scheme for litigants who were overcharged for their civil court fees is to be set up by the MoJ, after it emerged that claimants starting proceedings in the High Court and County Court since 2016 have been charged £308 rather than the £205 they should have been. The figure covers cases – usually personal injury claims – with a value estimated between £3,000 and £5,000. These litigants should have been paying the lower fee to begin proceedings but their claim was wrongly categorised as one for “any other remedy”. A MoJ spokesperson said: “We recently reviewed our guidance on fees for stage three claims and identified that we have been charging the incorrect court fee in some cases. As a result we issued revised guidance to the courts in March and we will be setting out details of a refund scheme for those who were overcharged in due course.”

Law Society Gazette

Posted 12/06/2018


Michael Gove has pushed through new rules banning dog breeders from producing puppies with deformities, such as flat-faced dogs, including English bulldogs, which suffer respiratory and other health problems. Beverley Cuddy, editor of Dogs Today, said: “In future, anyone knowingly breeding dogs that need major surgery just to be able to breathe or eat will be seen as a criminal.”

The Sunday Times, Page: 17

Posted 10/06/2018