Research by Aviva has found that that nearly 100m cold calls were made about pensions last year, many of which were attempts to scam victims out of their savings. The company said 2.2bn nuisance calls or texts were sent last year in total, most about PPI, injury claims and pension freedoms. The figures come as MPs prepare for the second reading of the Financial Guidance and Claims Bill, which provides an opportunity to ban unsolicited calls.

The Times, Page: 63

Posted 13/01/2018


Lawyers have warned that the Equality and Human Rights Commission is struggling to fulfil its duties because ministers are repeatedly vetoing appointments on political grounds. The Guardian reports that several highly experienced lawyers were supported as candidates for key committees by the EHRC chair but have not been approved.

The Guardian, Page: 13

Posted 19/12/2017


The London office of Eversheds Sutherland is hosting a bring-your-dog-to-work day. The legal canines will cavort in a doggy crèche and be on hand to soothe stressed lawyers.

Financial Times

Posted 15/12/2017


Ofcom’s incoming chairman says it is prepared to step in and regulate social media if the Government changes the law. Lord Burns was commenting after the Committee on Standards in Public Life called for a change in the law to make social media companies responsible for illegal content on their websites.

The Daily Telegraph, Page: 19

Posted 14/12/2017


A killer driver has been jailed for three years despite using a legal hands-free kit to make a phone call. Samantha Ayres hit motorcyclist David Kirk when she veered on to the wrong side of the road during a 27-minute call. Judge John Pini concluded that her phone conversation had “most probably” distracted Ayres. The case has prompted the CPS to warn others about the implications of using the devices.

The Times Daily Express, Page: 10 Daily Mirror, Page: 9

Posted 07/12/2017

A driver who killed a motorcyclist whilst using a hands-free mobile phone kit has been convicted of causing death by dangerous driving and warned that she faces a jail sentence. Judge John Pini told Samantha Ayres: “The jury are of the opinion using a hands-free in these circumstances is dangerous.”

The Times, Page: 27 The Sun, Page: 11 The Daily Telegraph, Page: 14

Posted 01/12/2017


Google is being taken to court, accused of collecting the personal data of millions of users, in the first mass legal action of its kind in the UK. It focuses on allegations that Google unlawfully harvested information from 5.4m UK users by bypassing privacy settings on their iPhones. The group taking action – Google You Owe Us – is led by ex-Which? director Richard Lloyd, who estimates affected users could be paid “a couple of hundred pounds each”. The complaint is that for several months in 2011 and 2012 Google placed ad-tracking cookies on the devices of Safari users.

The Times, Page: 1-2 The Guardian, Page: 28 The Sun, Page: 8 The Daily Telegraph, Business, Page: 2 Daily Mail, Page: 25

Posted 30/11/2017


Two-thirds of cohabiting couples wrongly believe “common-law marriage” laws exist when dividing up finances, according to family law group Resolution, which warned that the number of unmarried couples living together has more than doubled from 1.5m in 1996 to 3.3m in 2017. Resolution chairman Nigel Shepherd said current laws were “behind the times”.

BBC News

Posted 28/11/2017