The Times reports that chief constables are planning to lobby the government to divert funding from the police watchdog to provide money for forces. David Thompson, head of finance at the National Police Chiefs’ Council, questioned why the government was funding expansion of the IPCC when forces had been forced to reduce in size.

The Times, Page: 2

Posted 23/06/2017


Emergency services are set to face a £113.6m business rates tax increase over five years, new data reveals. Police stations will be hardest hit, with police chiefs across England and Wales needing to find an extra £60m. Jerry Schurder, head of business rates at Gerald Eve, suggested that a particular impact of the omission is that local authorities will no longer be given the powers to reduce business rates locally: “Firms will be furious that, despite their protestations earlier in the year and government promises of action, there will be no reform of a rating system desperately in need of modernisation,” he said.

BBC News

Posted 23/06/2017




During an appearance on the BBC’s Andrew Marr programme, Chancellor Philip Hammond has said that it his understanding that the type of cladding used on the exterior of Grenfell Tower – and which has been blamed for fuelling the fire – is banned in the UK, raising questions about what regulations are in place and whether they were adhered to. He said these points will be looked at by the Government’s inquiry and by a criminal investigation. A Treasury spokesperson later clarified that the Chancellor meant the material used was banned for buildings of a certain height. Meanwhile, former Labour minister David Lammy has called for Scotland Yard to seize files relating to the block’s £8.6m refurbishment. He said: “The Prime Minister needs to act immediately to ensure that all evidence is protected so that everyone culpable for what happened at Grenfell Tower is held to account and feels the full force of the law.” Finally, the Independent reports that two women feared dead in the tragedy were allegedly threatened with legal action by the Kensington and Chelsea Tenant Management Organisation (KCTMO) after they campaigned for improved fire safety.

The Guardian, Page: 1, 4   The Times, Page: 10   Daily Express, Page: 4, 5    The Independent, Page: 11   The Sun, Page: 8    Daily Mirror, Page: 6

Posted 19/06/2017



A survey by Baker McKenzie indicates most skilled workers from the EU who are employed by large companies are likely to leave the UK before Brexit. About 56% of 250 EU citizens surveyed said that they were “highly likely” or “quite likely” to leave the UK before the outcome of the Brexit negotiations was known, with healthcare, technology, media and telecoms and financial services likely to be hardest hit.

The Times, Page: 50   The Independent, Page: 15

Posted 15/06/2017



Two Britons have been arrested in Majorca on suspicion of encouraging holidaymakers to make dishonest compensation claims. The pair were held by Civil Guard officers in what are believed to be the first arrests of their kind in Spain, and are now expected to face a judicial investigation. Their arrests follow a campaign by hoteliers in Spain, and other holiday hotspots such as Greece and Portugal, against the growing problem of bogus claims, particularly involving all-inclusive resorts.

The Mail on Sunday, Page: 34

Posted 11/06/2017


Over 50 charities have signed a letter calling for the next government to overhaul the controversial Lobbying Act. They argue the Act, initially intended to tackle corporate lobbying, prevents them from campaigning on important issues ahead of the general election.

The Independent

Posted 07/06/2017

The Prime Minister has said the government will consider new powers to block access to extremist websites if internet companies fail to act over online radicalisation. She said internationally agreed regulation was the preferred option, but if that fails she is prepared to go it alone. The PM also said women should be free to choose whether or not to wear burkas but warned a failure to learn English meant it was not possible to “participate fully in our society or in our economy.”

The Daily Telegraph, Page: 1, 6-7    The Sun, Page: 11

Posted 06/06/2017


A Londonderry motoring offender has missed his court sentencing to go on a surprise Spanish holiday with his grandmother. James Moore, from Tullymore road in the Waterside, was due in court on Friday for driving without insurance, tax, L-plates and without a qualified driver. The 24-year-old then texted his solicitor to request a postponement. “Tell him to go easy on the paella and cerveza because his fines are going up,” said the judge.

BBC News

Posted 03/06/2017

Franklin Dehousse, a former judge at the ECJ, has warned that European nationals in Britain could become “a super-privileged caste” entitled to more rights than Britons after Brexit. He said that demands from Brussels, including that the court retain supremacy over British law to enforce rights for EU nationals, threaten to derail a final deal.

The Times, Page: 16    Daily Mail, Page: 10

Posted 01/06/2017



British Airways is facing mounting pressure to compensate travellers caught up in the chaos of its IT meltdown amid suggestions that thousands will not be refunded the cost of their holiday. Lawyers are predicting that the total compensation bill for BA may come to as much as £150m, but many people will not receive more than a maximum of €600 (£522) in compensation.

The Daily Telegraph, Page: 1

Posted 31/05/2017