The Mirror looks at the steps parents can take to ensure financial gifts to their children are protected in the event of them getting divorced. Paula James, contentious trusts expert and partner at Irwin Mitchell Private Wealth, says a post-nup creates a contract and is clearer in its terms than alternatives such as a declaration of trust.

Daily Mirror, Page: 36-37

Posted 14/03/2018


The Home Secretary will today set out proposals to ensure victims of domestic violence do not have to come face-to-face with their abusers in court. Amber Rudd is planning to extend special arrangements already in place for victims of rape, other sex crimes and modern slavery to women and men who allege that they have been domestically abused. The move will mean that victims will automatically be eligible to give evidence through a video link or, if in court, from behind screens that will shield them from their alleged attackers. Ms Rudd believes that the move will encourage more abused women and men to come forward to report alleged crimes.

The Times, Page: 10 The Times, Page: 10

Posted 26/02/2018

The Sunday Times warns that a rise in the number of divorces, remarriages and couples cohabiting – combined with a general apathy towards dealing with pensions – means many people could inadvertently be handing valuable benefits to former partners when they pass away. Figures released today reveal that more than 750,000 savers are at risk of leaving their pension to the wrong person, such as a former boyfriend or an ex-wife, because they have failed to update important paperwork after they split up.

The Sunday Times, Business and Money, Page: 14

Posted 25/02/2018


A new publicity drive is aiming to encourage higher take-up of shared parental leave. Around 285,000 couples are eligible every year for shared parental leave, but take-up “could be as low as 2%”, the Department for Business said. Around half of the general public are still unaware the option exists, nearly three years after it was introduced, the government said. It now plans to spend £1.5m to better inform parents about the policy.

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Posted 12/02/2018


Cohabiting couples could be in line for substantial gains if they are allowed to enter a civil partnership. A civil partnerships Bill, which is progressing through parliament, would if passed allow couples to apply for billions of pounds worth of tax and benefit payments. Currently, heterosexual couples only have the option of marriage, whereas same-sex couples have the choice to form a civil partnership or get married. “Millions of couples who live together could potentially benefit to the tune of several billion pounds if they were able to register a civil partnership,” said Sir Steve Webb, director of policy at Royal London. “This reform is long overdue and would stop these couples being treated by the state as second-class citizens.”

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Posted 10/02/2018

A government-commissioned review has concluded that Muslim couples should undergo a civil marriage as well as an Islamic ceremony to give women protection under the law. The registration of such marriages would give women the rights and protections of family law and ensure they face “less discriminatory practices”, the report says. The review, led by Mona Siddiqui, also called for regulation of Sharia councils, but the proposal was dismissed by the government.

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A Government pledge to allow straight couples to have civil partnerships looks set to be abandoned. The Home Office is only planning a review of the current laws – with no commitment to extending civil partnerships to heterosexual couples.

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Posted 01/02/2018



Judge Richard Scarratt has expressed his frustration at being unable to relocate a troubled boy who is “suffering the most appalling racial abuse” at a secure unit in Scotland to a safer setting closer to his home in Kent. In a judgement, he said the boy was “yet another young person” who had been failed by the “serious shortage of secure accommodation required to keep him safe”.

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Posted 31/01/2018


MPs will this week vote on plans to allow more than three million heterosexual couples to enter civil partnerships. Tim Loughton, a former children’s minister, said he was “optimistic” that the government would support his bill, which has its second reading on Friday.

The Times, Page: 13

Posted 29/01/2018


Plans drawn up by senior judges to streamline the divorce system will see couples fill out a ten-page tick box form detailing the money and assets they each want, the Mail reports. Newly-established ‘Financial Remedies Courts’ would then use the forms to rule on the financial side of a divorce. No consideration of fault will be made at this stage. Family courts would then have little more to do than rubber stamp the divorce. The proposals, led by Sir James Munby, are seen by critics as an attempt to bring in no-fault divorce “by the back door” but legal experts say the forms themselves could prove too detailed for spouses at the initial stage of a divorce.  A spokesman for Her Majesty’s Courts and Tribunals Service said: “We are working with the judiciary on a pilot scheme, creating specialised courts to deal with financial matters arising from divorce and separation.”

Daily Mail, Page: 6

Posted 24/01/2018