A woman with terminal cancer has won an undisclosed payout from GPs who repeatedly diagnosed her with muscle pain. Tina Hammonds, 45, paid for a private MRI scan which revealed terminal bone and breast cancer. She claimed clinical negligence against the unnamed surgery, which did not accept liability.

Daily Mirror, Page: 20

Posted 12/06/2017


Two Britons have been arrested in Majorca on suspicion of encouraging holidaymakers to make dishonest compensation claims. The pair were held by Civil Guard officers in what are believed to be the first arrests of their kind in Spain, and are now expected to face a judicial investigation. Their arrests follow a campaign by hoteliers in Spain, and other holiday hotspots such as Greece and Portugal, against the growing problem of bogus claims, particularly involving all-inclusive resorts.

The Mail on Sunday, Page: 34

Posted 11/06/2017


British Airways is facing mounting pressure to compensate travellers caught up in the chaos of its IT meltdown amid suggestions that thousands will not be refunded the cost of their holiday. Lawyers are predicting that the total compensation bill for BA may come to as much as £150m, but many people will not receive more than a maximum of €600 (£522) in compensation.

The Daily Telegraph, Page: 1

Posted 31/05/2017

The family of murdered schoolgirl Arsema Dawit have had their bid to sue the Metropolitan Police, for neglecting their warnings about her murderer, thrown out by Judge Charles Freeland QC at Central London county court. He told the family: “The police do not generally owe a duty to members of the public in the detection and prevention of crime. The general sense of public duty that motivates police officers is unlikely to be improved by the imposition of such liability on their duty to investigate crime”.

Evening Standard   The Sun, Page: 16

Posted 23/05/2017



GPs’ should be “cautious” about vouching for patients who claim they are fit enough to run a marathon, according to the profession’s legal advisers. The Medical Protection Society (MPS) said more people were signing up for marathons, triathlons and desert “fat camps” when they were simply not fit enough. Dr Pallavi Bradshaw, of the MPS, warned that vouching for patients who had poor fitness levels could leave doctors open to claims of negligence.

The Sunday Telegraph, Page: 11

Posted 23/04/2017


More than 800 UK women are taking legal action against the NHS and the makers of vaginal mesh implants, used to treat pelvic organ prolapse and incontinence after childbirth. Some women have been left in permanent pain, unable to walk, work or have sex. Carl Heneghan, a professor of evidence-based medicine at the University of Oxford, warns manufacturers have to provide little evidence before their product is clinically approved and made available on the NHS and experts believe if the women are successful in their legal case, the NHS payout for compensation could be tens of millions of pounds.

The Independent   BBC News   The Times, Page: 22   Daily Mail, Page: 34   The Sun, Page: 20

Posted 19/04/2017


A group of University of Bristol students have successfully sued their landlord for deducting money from their rental deposit. The students questioned a £500 charge for cleaning costs and provided photographic evidence that the flat was left cleaner than it had been at the start of their tenancy. Bills for the property being repainted and charges for rubbish removal were also questioned. Letting agency Digs, acting on behalf of landlord company AvonCo, were ordered to repay the £756 charges in full, plus interest and legal costs.

The Independent

Posted 22/02/2017



British children who developed narcolepsy as a result of the Pandemrix vaccine, made by GlaxoSmithKline during the 2009-10 swine flu pandemic, could now be compensated after the high court rejected a government appeal to withhold payments. “This important decision brings clarity to anyone who brings claims under the Vaccine Damage Payment Act in future,” said Peter Todd of Hodge Jones & Allen.

The Guardian, Page: 4   Evening Standard, Page: 5  

Posted 10/02/2017


A jogger who tripped on a pothole is set to receive compensation after a court ruled that a highway authority should have responded more quickly to repair the road. Judges agreed that Barnsley Metropolitan Borough Council’s negligence and breach of duty had caused his injury.

The Daily Telegraph, Page: 7   The Scotsman, Page: 2   The Press and Journal, Page: 23   Yorkshire Post, Page: 5


Posted 03/02/2017


Over 25,000 British VW owners have joined the class action against the carmaker over the emissions scandal. Lawyers are to attend the High Court today in order to receive a green light to proceed with the action. They are seeking £3,000 compensation per car for 1.2m Volkswagen, Audi, SEAT and Skoda vehicles in the UK.

Daily Mail, Page: 25

Posted 30/01/2017