The Foreign and Commonwealth Office (FCO) has advised British tourists to read up on the laws and customs of their chosen destination, amid a rising number of arrests abroad for drugs offences and offending local cultures.

The Daily Telegraph, Page: 9 The Independent, Page: 7

Posted 15/03/2018



Lawyers have warned that families are disinheriting children by wrongly completing ‘Do It Yourself’ Wills. The kits have led to a rise in people preventing family members from being a beneficiary of their will by asking them to be a witness to their signature, ruling them out of receiving anything in the estate. Nicola Waldman, of Hodge Jones & Allen, said: “It is often a result of people trying to complete wills themselves, not understanding the small print.”

Daily Mail, Page: 43

Posted 14/03/2018



The Mirror looks at the steps parents can take to ensure financial gifts to their children are protected in the event of them getting divorced. Paula James, contentious trusts expert and partner at Irwin Mitchell Private Wealth, says a post-nup creates a contract and is clearer in its terms than alternatives such as a declaration of trust.

Daily Mirror, Page: 36-37

Posted 14/03/2018


Sir Ken Dodd, who was famously cleared of false accounting in the 1980s, has prevented the taxman from getting a penny from his estate by getting married two days before he died. The size of the Sir Ken’s estate was estimated recently at £7m, which could have meant a £3m IHT bill had he not married Anne Jones last week. Tasnim Khalid, head of wills, trusts and estate planning at JMW Solicitors, said: “Leaving an estate to a legally married spouse rather than a partner or cohabitee has huge tax advantages.”

The Times, Page: 17 Daily Mail, Page: 11 The Sun, Page: 5 The Herald, Page: 3

Posted 13/03/2018


New figures have revealed that mortgage products allowing applicants to put down a deposit of just 5% have become more popular in the past year. Research from Moneyfacts showed that 307 such deals are now on the market in the UK, up from 253 last year.

BBC News

Posted 13/03/2018


A mother whose son blinded a friend in his left eye while playing crazy golf has been told she must pay damages to the injured boy. A High Court judge said she was negligent in not telling the “boisterous” ten-year-old to keep his club low as she knew his character traits. The judgment overturned a ruling at Leicester County Court last year which found that the boy, referred to only as J, was “not a dangerous child” although he was sometimes impulsive. The compensation is expected to be in six figures.

Daily Mirror, Page: 18 The Times, Page: 19 Daily Mail, Page: 26 The Daily Telegraph, Page: 26

Posted 13/03/2018


A report from Oliver Wyman and Clifford Chance has estimated that a move to World Trade Organization trading rules after leaving the European Union would cost around £27bn for UK exporters. The firms calculated the cost to UK exporters from tariffs, customs declarations, product certifications and border delays under WTO rules and found Britain’s small businesses are most at risk.

City AM, Page: 6 The Times, Page: 13

Kensington and Chelsea Council has launched a fraud investigation after 15 members of the same family received public aid worth up to £1m and at least three new homes by claiming they lived in a single flat destroyed by the Grenfell Tower fire. The Sunday Times says only four names are believed to appear on the original tenancy agreement.

The Sunday Times, Page: 1

Posted 11/03/2018

Electric shock collars for pets will be banned under laws unveiled today. It will also be made a criminal offence to use devices using noxious sprays or painful sounds.

The Sun, Page: 19

Posted 11/03/2018